The winery’s greatest assets are its grapes, which the Šibav family has been growing in the Brda/Collio area for centuries.

“Working with nature we believe less is more.”

In pursuit of low crop yield, the vineyards are tended to by hand.
Interventions in the cellar are kept to a minimum and are highly specific.

“Our aim is to produce quality wine with a personal approach.”


An indigenous Colio wine, first appearing as far back as 1336. Rebula is noted for its pleasant acidic taste, freshness 
and harmony of fruit flavours that is combined with the tender flavour of cedar wood. It is a fresh wine with low alcohol content.

Food: We serve it as an aperitif with light canapés, starters and fish.


Originally named Tokaj, this wine was renamed in 2007 following common confusion with the very different Hungarian Tokai. Particularly suited to our vineyard’s position, this wine is superb with a characteristic flavour of field flowers, a mild sour taste and
an aroma of almonds. Sauvignonasse is a harmonic wine with a middle content of extract and alcohol.

Food: We recommend it as an aperitif, with fish, white meat and herb-flavoured dishes.

Pinot Gris

For demanding drinkers. The wine has rich extracts, alcohol and aromas. The scent is specific
drawing connotations of mature pear, acacia and grapefruit. The Pinot Gris has a gold-yellow colour
with a hint of pink. It has a full taste, with both a long decline and a delicate vanilla flavour.

Food: An easy match to many dishes from cold fish, cured ham “prsut”, light pasta, risottos among the starters to seafood, poultry and as well as cheese.


An elegant and harmonic wine with a distinguishable flower taste of exotic fruits, pineapple, melons, mature peaches, coupled with mild vanilla. It has a full flavour and rich extract yet at the same time remains fresh.

Food: It compliments many main courses, such as spicy pastas, mushroom risottos, prawns, tartufi, seafood as well as meat dishes with a cream sauce.


Adriatic sunshine gives the wine a deep ruby colour. Soft tannins blend with aromas of meadow grass and a scent of red fruit. With age the wine develops overtones of dried fruit. Very elegant, well-balanced medium-bodied red wine.

Food: A perfect match to lean red meat, grilled meat, game and mature cheese.


We are one of the few producers of this local speciality in the region. Premium medium dry wine from a vine with exceptionally low yield. Its characteristic colour is a golden yellow shade of amber. Its scent is reminiscent of wild meadow flowers, white peaches, ripe figs or acacia honey. A fine balance of sugar and acidity gives a warm mouth-filling taste that persists.