A woman in the winemaking business – how does she do it?

»My father, as generations before him, handed over to me not only the winemaking tradition, but also a passion for this corner of the world. He taught me to value the benefits of our rich soil, and what I can give to those seeking quality wines with a personal touch.

Winemaking for me is not a job, it’s a way of life.«

Dušica Šibav, BSc in Agr,
the soul of the Šibau Winery


My father, as generations before him…

  • 1560 – First documented records of the Šibav family growing vines in the village of Fojana
  • 1922 – Karel Šibav acquires current estate from Count Bagueri and begins producing his own wine
  • 1969 – Work on the estate is handed over to Karel’s son Ljubko Šibav, whose wines gradually gain recognition and acclaim
  • 1990 – Dušica Šibav, Graduate in Agronomy/Winemaking from the University of Ljubljana, establishes Šibav Winery alongside her father
  • 1992 – Šibav wines begin to be bottled under the Šibav brand
  • 2003 – Dušica Šibav takes over the management of Šibav Winery

Dušica Šibav

Dušica Šibav has dedicated her life to developing the Šibav vineyards and winery. She finds inspiration in the beauty of the Brda/Collio hills, in music, and in spirited conversation unfolding over a bottle of good wine. She is fluent in Slovenian, English, Italian and Croatian/Serbian.